Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mission Call Monday

  I was told that mission calls most likely came on a Saturday, so when I went to get the mail on a Monday I didn't expect anything. I had a nice conversation with the mail man (he's actually pretty cool). I opened the mail box and BAM there was a huge envelope with my name on it.
  I ran home and started calling everybody to tell them the good news. I wasn't that anxious to open it, so I waited until everyone came home without peaking. When it came time to open the letter, we skyped my sisters that are currently away from home and I started to read:
  I remember being extremely happy about where I am going. I have never made a decision this far in my life that I was this happy and excited about. It was then that I realized that this is what I'm supposed to do at this point in my life.
   I report to the Missionary Training Center on the 24th of June, where I will stay for about two weeks, and then be sent to the Nevada Las Vegas Mission. Right now, I'm just buying clothes and essentials, packing it all up and just enjoying these last few days here in the H.
  I'll try to upload the video of me opening and reading the call later.